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About Avid Audio

Through the years I have accumulated radios from Atwater
Kent to Zenith,  and stereo equipment from Altec Lansing to
Zapco. There are many  pieces of historical  significance.
These include prototypes, short runs, and original designs
developed for patent. Personal letters from manufacturers are
included with many of the high end sets.

Initially, I will be offering some nice collectible pieces from
companies such as Altec Lansing, Advent, McIntosh,
Marantz, Harmon Kardon, Dynaco, Fisher, EH Scott, and HH
Scott to name a few.

I am currently going through my extensive collection of vinyl
records to list rare and desirable albums.  If there is a
particular album you are looking for, please contact me as I
probably have it!

Future offerings will include radios and related equipment
from 1914- 1979. This will include all major brands and high
end pieces such as EH Scott, McMurdo Masterpiece,
Grundig, Capehart, Atwater Kent breadboards, Zenith,
Regency and many more.

                 Avid Audio
About Avid Audio
Avid Audio