avid audio vintage audio equipment used high end audio gear
After a long career in high end audio, I am  
selling my related collection. The collection
contains audio equipment from 1919 to 2005.
This includes the first 1933 AM hi-fi set which
uses pure Class A  triode tube amplification,
through the golden age of hi-fi.  

Many think McIntosh was the first High End
manufacturer to chrome their chassis.
Actually they were a late comer, as the road
had been pioneered by earlier radio

Products offered by companies such as  
Altec Lansing, Mcintosh, Marantz, Luxman,
Fisher, EH Scott, HH Scott, and Citation to
mention a few.  

EH Scott's Philharmonic
McMurdo Silver seven Masterpiece amp
A McMurdo Masterpiece with the factory
modified fine tuning. Not shown is the Class
a amplifier and speaker. Complete with all
the original manuals.

McMurdo iv
McIntosh promotional sign.

The McIntosh dealer signs were sold to
dealers for promotion. They are not often
seen for sale.
Era 1991. This one has been in storage
since 1993.

mcintosh dealer promotional sign display
win strain gauge phono cartridge sdt-10
Win Strain Gauge Phono Cartridge

Designed by Sao Win, the SDT-10 which
stands for
Semiconductor disc Transducer.
This is a new in the box piece of audio history.
Very unusual design.

Thiel 20 Yr. Dealers Novelty Time and
Temperature in Solid Birds Eye  Maple
Not many of these ever produced. It's
classic  esoterica and only an audiophile
would "get it".
Thiel cs6 cs6 Thiel cs7.2 dealer promotional time temp clock
Classic High End Audio
Equipment for Sale