Mcintosh 2
Avid Audio
Legendary McIntosh MC-225 stereo
amplifier. Many consider the MC-225 to be
the sweetest sounding McIntosh amplifier
ever built.

Near Mint
McIntosh Mi-75 Mono Amplifier
This was the industrial version of the
MC-75 amplifier. The case is green rather
than chrome.

McIntosh MC-60 Mono Amplifier
The MC-60 is a wonderful balance
between power and fidelity. Another Mac

Condition                                Price
McIntosh MC-275 Stereo Amplifier
The MC-275 was McIntosh's high powered
stereo tube amplifier designed and built
well into the 1970's. This  is a 1 owner and
is complete with the cage. The original
owner was a classical disc jockey. The
amplifier was hooked to a pair of K-Horns.
It was unhooked one time from that
system and has been in storage since.

Museum Quality
Others from 2995.00
McIntosh MC_30 Mono Amplifier
McIntosh made several Mono tube
amplifiers. The MC-30 brings it's wonderful
sound into full bloom with many different
speaker systems.
Original C22 Glass
Original C22 Glass
Both pieces