Avid Audio
Restoration procedures

"Purist by nature, obstinate by choice."
There are 2 phases in restoring Vintage gear.
(at least for me)

When working with vintage audio gear I follow a simple process
involving first visual chassis and component inspection followed by  
Ohm measurements. After all the tubes have been tested and
charted they are reinstalled in the unit for further testing of the unit.     
   All equipment is brought up slowly using an industrial variac. The
all critical amperage is monitored throughout the power up stage. If  
the original capacitors can be reformed properly I leave them in the
unit. If capacitors have to be replaced I use vintage NOS when I can.
Sometimes it is not possible to find original replacement parts so
newer parts are used. All equipment is then "burned in" ( I love that
term) for a minimum of 5 hours continuous use and then goes
through several "cold starts".

Grunge and dust are removed  from equipment as carefully, and
minimally as possible. The original finish on metal and wood surfaces
are left in their original state when possible. If refinished it will be duly
At this point the equipment is ready to go to a new home where
hopefully it will be appreciated and preserved for the next generation
of audio freaks.