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klipsch corner horns k-horns klipschorn
Klipsch Corner horns
!982 vintage in factory walnut cabinets.
Sparingly used with an extra system.
The Atwater Kent on top will be listed

Empire Grenadier Column Speakers

Metal dome midrange and tweeters were way
ahead of their
time. This speaker sounds surprisingly

B&W HTM Matrix Center Channel Speaker
Black finish using full matrix technology. This
speaker was designed to coordinate into a
music system with any of the 2nd generation
800 series speakers.

Custom Built Compression horn        
speaker system.
The design was using the atlas 1.5 in
midrange driver an electro voice t32
tweeter with a Frazier 14" woofer. The
chokes are hand wound and tuned. Side
by side they will rock the K-horn. They
provide deeper bass, and are quite
musical without being bright.
The horns are mounted Vertically. Paul
Klipsch himself stated the proper wat to
use a horn is to mount it vertically. He did
not use the design principle due to it's
large size requirements.These are big.
You could use them for his and hers
coffins. Where else can you get a product
you can use now and later?

Altec Horn Loaded Speakers

Beautiful walnut cabinets with leather tops.
Nice sounding with the right equipment.

B&O Penta Powered Speakers
The Pentas are the top of the line B&O
speaker system from the late 80's. Each
Speaker has a 150 watt internal amplifier.
The Stainless Steel cabinets are in
beautiful condition.